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2020 Primary Candidates for California Senate, 27th District

California State Capitol Buidling

Note: Candidates are listed is the same order that they appear on the ballot. Statements and photos were provided by the candidates via email or from their websites.

Houman Salem

Business Owner

Houmam Salem

Candidate Statement

Houman Salem is the son of Iranian immigrants who settled in Chatsworth, CA in 1976.  He obtained his BA degree in History from Cal State Northridge and his MBA from Pepperdine University.  Mr. Salem is a businessman, entrepreneur, and job creator. He is a recognized leader in the fashion industry having served as the CEO for two global brands. Today, he is the CEO of America’s leading fashion design house (based in the San Fernando Valley) and he is among the pioneers of the “American Made” movement for fashion.  Mr. Salem’s career has been global in scope where he has been able to work across cultural differences to achieve goals and objectives. Mr. Salem intends to bring his strength in business strategy to Sacramento to help restore balance in the State legislature.

Q: If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?

A: I will work hard to restore conservative values that are most important to families in our community.  Primarily, I will ensure that the homeless crisis, which has increased crime and vagrancy in our communities, is immediately addressed with a stern focus on the criminal vagrant element, which has permeated Ventura County.  Additionally, families must be able to afford living in California.  We have a tax and spend government that is not accountable to the taxpayers anymore.  We need to better understand the use of our tax dollars and work to reduce taxes so that families, especially young families can continue to afford living in CA.

Henry Stern

State Senator

Henry Stern