Just When you Thought it Was Safe to Send your Children back to School


by Mary DP

The Radical Left is attempting to strip you of your parental rights by manipulating the public-school curriculum in the name of abolishing bullying and hate. This is so misguided!

In celebration of September as Literary Month, the Westlake Village Republican Women Federated (WVRWF) presented an evening with two influencers, Sandee Everett and Rebecca Friedrichs. The revelations that night, both astounding and audacious, were presented by Everett, the lone conservative member of the Conejo Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Board who has challenged the newly adopted Sex Education policy, and Friedrichs, a 28-year public school teacher and author, who has led the fight against the divisive tactics and politics of corrupt teachers’ unions.

This was an evening filled with revelations and a call to action that we must not ignore.

The new Sex Education policy, Positive Prevention Plus, adopted by the State and local school districts assumes that ALL adolescents are sexually active and encourages them to disrespect parental authority by advocating for having abortions and taking transgender hormones during school hours without parental permission. In addition, the PPP aims to challenge “genderstereotypes” by establishing the existence of three genders: male, female, and “sexually fluid.” Books being read at school – Sparkle Boy and It’s Perfectly Normal – will promote these ideas and parents have no right to “opt out” of this instruction.

It is incredulous that a widespread policy is being adopted for the .2% of our population that is LBGTQ!

Rebecca Friedrichs shocked us all by stating that our children will be taught that at birth gender is guessed, so that “you can decide and figure it out later.”

Friedrichs also feels that teachers’ unions have control at the State level and most teachers do not know how their union dues are being spent. Approximately 95% of union dues are spent on Political Action Committee (PAC) activities. Unions are well known to be leftist and support ultra-liberal causes and candidates. Friedrichs has founded For Kids & Country, a group that seeks to protect our Republic.

As a retired Educator of 40 years with experience as a teacher, assistant principal, principal and assistant superintendent, I was forced to remember a day at 4:30 PM when I was “visited” by union leaders in my classroom. I was a high school French teacher who chose to prepare and correct papers in my classroom, as opposed to at home, where I chose family time. I was told that I “made other teachers look bad” and “looked like a friend of administrators” by staying late preparing my lesson plans. I was “directed” to demand payment for the extra hours I was spending at school. I was furious about this invasion of my rights and my professionalism. At this point, I started to ask questions about how my union dues, which were being taken without my approval, were being used. When I discovered my dues went to support (actually “buy”) liberal candidates I did not personally support, I opted to donate my union dues to Special Olympics.

Since that day back in the 80s, I ceased to be a union member. Years later I would be on the other side of the table, negotiating with these unions. Their attitudes have remained constant. The radical Left is in charge in Education and we must respond to the call to change public education and take back our rights.