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Gorback’s “Calling for the Question” Highly Questionable


CVUSD Bill Gorback has appears to be part of a back-room deal to silence the opinions of fellow trustee Sandee Everett. Here is how it has played out during many recent board meetings when Sandee is speaking or voicing concerns:

  1. The superintendent gives a signal to Betsy Connolly that it is time to shut Sandee up.
  2. Betsy interrupts Sandee and says that other people need a turn to speak.
  3. Sandee politely yields the floor to Jenny Fitzgerald, who makes a short comment.
  4. Bill Gorback immediately “calls for the question.”
  5. Betsy ends debate and calls a vote, so Sandee never gets to finish her comments.

This is an underhanded strategy involving three board members and the superintendent, thus highly likely to be a Brown Act violation, since it must have been coordinated outside of open session.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “calling for the question” is a parliamentary procedure from Robert’s Rules of Order. Thus it is not really a thing for district, since the CVUSD board has apparently never adopted Robert’s Rules.

In Robert’s Rules, this motion requires a 2/3 vote, which Betsy has never done. It also cannot be done while a trustee has the floor, which is probably why Betsy interrupts Sandee and coerces her into yielding the floor, since this is the only way this type of cloture can be motioned.

Regardless of the parliamentary shenanigans, the purpose of this disgusting game is to silence a board member, just because her point of view is in the mainstream of the community, and thus despised by the other four (far left) board members. This is America. I thought that we valued free speech and the open exchange of idea.

This new board majority is completely out of control. They are an embarrassment to the community.



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