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2020 Primary Candidates for California Assembly, 44th District

California State Capitol Buidling

Note: Candidates are listed is the same order that they appear on the ballot. Statements and photos were provided by the candidates via email or from their websites.

Jacqui Irwin

California State Assemblymember

Jacqui Irwin

Candidate Statement

Legislator. Community member. Local leader.

Jacqui Irwin raised her children in our community, helped improve local schools, and fought for quality after-school enrichment and sports leagues – all before she was elected to office. From community leader to City Councilmember to our State Assemblymember, Jacqui Irwin makes the quality and safety of our communities her top priority.

She has:

– secured funding to improve and repair local roads;

– obtained 5 million in funding for a new Early Childhood Education and Learning

Lab School at CSUCI;

– supported local industry with a cutting-edge engineering program at CSUCI;

– brought additional funding to local law enforcement to crack down on crime;

– led efforts to acquire more funding for Veterans’ housing and support programs;

– increased funding for our local K-12 schools;

– funded the Rice Avenue overpass project, saving lives, improving air quality, and helping local business; and

– fought for fiscal accountability, leading to California’s record budget reserve of $20 billion.

– secured funding to improve and repair local roads;

– obtained 5 million in funding for a new Early Childhood Education and Learning

Jacqui Irwin is a bipartisan leader who puts our communities, schools, and neighborhoods ahead of partisan politics. No wonder she is supported by local leaders, police officers, firefighters, and teachers.

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”

I will continue to make the quality and the safety of our community my top priority. I will help Ventura County address its homelessness crisis as we continue to bring resources to the county to deal with this epidemic.  I will address school safety in the wake of continuing incidents of violence on our campuses. I will ensure that cybersecurity is a priority for everyone from state agencies, to small businesses, to our democratic institutions. These are just a few of the items that I will be working on to keep Conejo Valley the perfect place to live and raise our families.

Denise Pedrow

Construction Coordinator

Denise Pedrow

Candidate’s Statement

I was born and raised in Southern California.  I attended Oxnard Community College and then Pacific Union College in Northern California.  I come from a large, Hispanic family with a strong tradition of military and Law Enforcement service.  I have worked for many years in the building industry in Los Angeles County.  As a Construction Coordinator I worked daily to maintain OSHA safety requirements among our subcontractors on jobsites.  I worked with many professionals in construction trades, city departments, city inspectors, unions, delivery companies and vendors.  I streamlined processes for tracking critical contract and insurance requirements.  I provided critical support in the construction of many multi-family developments in the Southern California region.  These projects together totaling hundreds of millions of dollars in project costs and providing thousands of housing units for California residents.           

I believe that smaller government and less regulations allow for a stronger business community.  When our business community is stronger, families, communities and charities benefit.  I believe that we must uphold the U.S. Constitution.  Every American has the responsibility to safeguard our constitutional freedoms for the next generation.

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”

A win for me would provide a needed conservative vote into our unbalanced State Legislature. Conejo Valley families will benefit as I fight against new taxes that Sacramento keeps enacting without voter approval.  I will stand against the aggressive Green Initiative regulations that are crippling our state.  We need environmental safety to be balanced with cheaper and readily available natural energy sources.  Less regulations make more housing possible.  I will fight to repeal the “Gig” Law that keeps Conejo Valley independent workers, students and our military families from earning needed monies that make living here possible.



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