2020 Candidates for Ventura County Republican Central Committee, District 2

Thousand Oaks

Candidates were contacted and given the opportunity to send a photo, statement and answer a question about how their victory would help Conejo families. Candidates are listed here in ballot order.



Dianne Alexander

My family has owned and operated three local businesses in the 48 years we have lived in Thousand Oaks. My experiences working with the public has helped me build relationships with candidates, donors and volunteers.  I have operated nine local Republican HQ’s since 2000 working to get the best leaders elected. I have represented our candidates for President and Governor since 2000 as the County Chair or Coastal Counties Chair.  I was honored in 2003 when my husband and I received an invitation to the White House Christmas Party.  I have registered voters at our Republican booth at Conejo Valley Days, the Thousand Oaks Street Fair and the Ventura County Fair for 20 years. I have an extensive email list to keep everyone informed about candidate events, HQ’s locations, volunteer activities and street rallies. I was recently appointed the Trump HQ’s liaison.

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”




THOMAS SCOTT ADAMS               

Regional Sales Manager




University Professor

Craig R. Everett, PhD

Candidate Statement

My name is Craig Everett and I am a candidate for the Ventura County Republican Central Committee.  I am the father of five children and a full-time professor at one of our excellent local universities. My teaching focus is entrepreneurial finance. This means that my passion is helping new business owners find funding and learn how to grow their venture so that they can achieve their dreams.

I believe that the local Republican Party can do a better job at communicating conservative principles to the next generation and how our way of seeing the world leads to greater success and happiness for everyone, regardless of background. Hard work, education, self-reliance, honesty and ambition are the conservative values that make capitalism work, both locally and everywhere else.

We need to do a better job of supporting local Republican candidates and helping them win. We need to more successfully engage younger voters, who will be tomorrow’s candidates and community leaders. I believe that I can be an effective and fresh voice to help make these things happen.

I am grateful for your vote and for your support.

– Dr. Craig R. Everett (prof@craigeverett.com)

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”

The values that I represent are the values that build strong families and communities. Hard work, education, self-reliance, honesty and ambition are the conservative values that make capitalism work, both locally and everywhere else.


Appointed Incumbent

Angela Nardone

Candidate Statement

Thousand Oaks Friends, this is our time to take back our community. If you have felt disenfranchised and hopeless as a conservative in this state, I am here to tell you that there has never been a better time to be a Republican. After decades of bad policy and epidemic social problems, the tide is turning and people are ready for better solutions to longstanding issues. In Thousand Oaks, we are seeing more homeless, more burglaries, less businesses, more empty retail space, and more deterioration of this amazing community.

The most important function of the Central Committee is to help Republican candidates prepare and succeed in winning elections. I commit to you that as your local Republican leader, I will work to help get Republicans elected in our community.

Another important role of Central Committee members is to be present in the community both physically and online. I will continue to reach out to fellow community members to share important information regarding events, issues, and news in the area and to promote the party whenever possible.

I have appreciated serving in this role for the last 18 months and I hope to serve fellow Republicans in Thousand Oaks for four more years. I ask for your vote this coming election.

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”

A: If I win, I will help our local Republican candidates run for office and assist our elected Republicans with much needed support. Let’s not forget that every time someone is elected, their job is just beginning. They need community members to continue to support them. By helping our elected Republicans, I believe this is the best way to assure better policy to manage local issues for our local Conejo Valley families. 

KERRY J. NELSON            



Retired Bank Officer


Retired Tax Executive    

Caleb Standafer

Candidate’s Statement

I am a retired CPA who spent the past 18 years as the chief tax executive of a large Thousand Oaks Company. I ask for your vote to represent you on the County Central Committee GOP.

My personal and professional leadership experience as an Elder Board Member at the Agoura Bible Fellowship and an active member of the Tax Executives Institute positions me to serve our local Republican party in its mission to take action to elect more Republicans and Conservatives to local offices. It can be done with thoughtful planning, energy, commitment, and training. I look forward to serving you on the Ventura County Republican Central Committee and thank you for your vote.

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”

Conejo Valley families will benefit from me working hard to get more Republicans elected.  California politics needs to return to the middle of the road.  We will balance the Democrats with Republicans to return California politics to sanity.  With saner Republican politicians and policies: parents will be respected by the schools, taxes will be lower, and we will manage water, forests, and roads for the benefit of California families.



Chantal Margottin

Candidate Statement

I am a 14 year resident of the Conejo Valley, mother of three, former school volunteer, BSA den leader and pack chairman, and public school teacher. As a Thousand Oaks Rotarian we work to benefit VC Special Olympics, Senior Concerns, the Manna Food Bank, and worldwide polio eradication.  I am alarmed by the changes to legislative policy in California.  Laws like the “Top Two Primary” and AB329 both seek to silence the voice of conservatives and concerned parents throughout California. These laws must be repealed. Conservative groups must unite and work together to make our voice heard and to gain fair representation in this great State.

JIM MEYER         

Retired Research Scientist  

Candidate Statement

My name is Jim Meyer.  I was born and raised in Southern California and have been a life long member of Republican Party.  My wife Maureen and I moved into the Conejo Valley in 1994. We have a strong commitment to education and homeschooled our three children (David, Amelia and Marirose).  They have each received University degrees and are now working professionally.  We have also passed on our political values to our children as each is registered with the Republican Party.

I received a B.A. in Biology and M.S. in Developmental Biology from California State University, Northridge.  I worked in basic cancer research at several California universities for close to 15 years before moving into the biotechnology industry.  For over 30 years I worked in research positions as well as scaling up research processes for medical manufacturing.  I am currently retired and in addition to pursuing many hobbies (reading, backpacking, woodworking and automobile restoration) I have taken to spending increasing amounts of time involved with the California Election Integrity Project and the Ventura County Republican Party.

Question: “If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?”

The Republican Party platform contains many significant positions that focus on family.  These include, but are not limited to, providing for public safety, prosperous work environments, marriage as a union between one man and one woman, parental rights with regard to the moral upbringing, education and medical treatment of their children.  As a central committee member I would be always looking for opportunities to inform the general public as well as advance and defend these values.


Home Manager



Debra Tash


I am a businesswoman, vice president of a local manufacture company as vice president in addition to running Eden Gardens Moorpark, an event venue. I  also serve as Editor in Chief of Citizens Journal, a Ventura County based online news site that covers current and breaking news in the Ventura and Los Angeles County.

I am running for the Ventura County Republican Central Committee to:

  • Work to make the GOP an effective party again in Ventura County
  • Register new voters
  • Raise funds for local candidates who will actually serve the community’s interest and carry out their duties with integrity
  • Promote the solid values once associated with the Republican party
  • Work to limit the reach of state and federal government by strengthening local representation

Q: If you win, how would that be good for Conejo Valley families?

All of the above will serve the families of the Conejo Valley.